MN Census 2020 Communication and Mobilization Plan


The 2020 Census will reflet who Minnesota really is today, in all its diversity. It will be a vehicle for undercounted communities to step into their rightful place in the fabric of the community at large, participate in and be leaders for ensuring that every person in Minnesota is seen and valued as contributors to the social, economic, democratic, and civic well-being of our state. It will not be an exercise done by government to residents; instead, it will be an endeavor that enables communities to count and be counted.

The Census 2020 Communication & Mobilization Plan was developed as a service of the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership. It is intended as a tool for any complete count committee or group working to promote participation in the 2020 Census and, particularly, to promote participation by historically undercounted communities (HCU).  This plan was created by a network of leaders with deep and genunine connections to HCUs through a process that engaged communities in the co-creation of both the messages and strategies that are recommended for use in this plan. The process was facilitated by Grassroots Solutions.

The plan provides a message framework (see "Our Minnesota Census" above), identifies key message themes, proposes a strategy for engageing HCUs and provides guiding principles for how to effectively engage HCUs.

A PDF of the complete plan is presented below, as is a PDF of a supplement to the plan that focuses just on the message themes. Plese feel free to use and share this document. If you have quesitons, contact the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership ( or 612.338.1989).