MCF's Public Policy Process

MCF engages in public policy as a means to advance and create the changes envisioned in its purpose statement and value proposition.  MCF’s public policy work is centered on two goals: 1) promoting philanthropy and charitable giving and 2) promoting prosperity through inclusion and equity.

MCF’s public policy activities are broadly defined to include advocacy to identify and promote opportunities for change and lobbying to influence specific legislation, regulations or administrative actions.  MCF represents its collective membership through direct engagement in public policy activities. 

Policy identification and development for these direct engagement opportunities come primarily from members through engagement in MCF’s Collaborative Philanthropy groups. The Government Relations and Public Policy Committee provides leadership to evaluate public policy proposals and to develop recommendations for MCF Board action.  Recommendations are developed using the criteria in the diagram and include a recommended level of MCF commitment.

MCF supports its members’ independent public policy activities through capacity building and member education

Public policy positions adopted by MCF are the positions of the Council and not of its individual members.  MCF adheres to all state and federal laws and restrictions related to participating in lobbying and engaging in political activities.  MCF encourages and supports its members in adopting principles and practices that also adhere to these federal laws and restrictions.

MCF’s public policy process was first drafted in 2013 after MCF’s board adopted a new strategic plan in 2012 that broadened the focus of MCF’s public policy work to include promoting prosperity through inclusion and equity. It has been periodically revised based on experience with implementation. MCF’s Government Relations and Public Policy Committee did a thorough refresh of the process earlier this year, and it was approved by MCF’s board in June 2019.

Please reach out to Katina Mortensen, MCF’s new Director of Public Policy, to learn more about our process or to get involved in MCF’s public policy work.