MCF welcomes Paul Masiarchin and Kristen Cullen to their team

Since Susie Brown started as MCF President in April, the board, staff and members have contributed to shaping how MCF approaches their work going forward. In July, three job openings were announced – all positions that are focused on MCF members. We are eager to announce that two of the positions have been filled with talented individuals!

Director of Member Services:

Paul Masiarchin will be joining MCF as the new Director of Member Services, and he brings extensive leadership experience in member organizations through his previous roles as Program Director at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN), and as Executive Director of the Minnesota Families and Fathers Network. Paul’s experience includes developing and delivering educational programming, planning and hosting conferences, supporting leadership development cohorts, and overseeing statewide member programming both online and in communities throughout Minnesota. Through his work at MCN, Paul has developed many relationships with foundations throughout the state. In his role as Director of Member Services, Paul will oversee all member programming and events, the annual conference, communications and member recruitment and renewal. Paul is just as eager to join us: "I'm looking forward to taking time to listen. MCF is comprised of a strong team of staff, board, and member organizations. I'm eager to learn how we can build an ever stronger organization for the future of Minnesota's philanthropic sector." We look forward to Paul’s start date of September 30, 2019.


Member Engagement Manager:

Kristen Cullen is MCF’s new Member Engagement Manager, and she brings experience from several roles in philanthropy. Most recently she has served as the Grantmaking and Evaluation Manager at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. Her previous philanthropy experience includes working with Minnesota-based family foundations: Carolyn Foundation and HRK. Kristen will draw on this experience to engage members throughout Minnesota in ways that they find meaningful and valuable, and will contribute to the delivery of excellent programming, resources and connections to all foundation types. Kristen will implement MCF’s member engagement strategies, data management and member recruitment and renewal process. She expressed her excitement for this new role by commenting, “We have a diverse and vibrant philanthropic community that I am excited to be working with while building bridges. I am looking forward to helping others connect, collaborate and succeed by facilitating dynamic programs that meet their needs while building relationships.” Kristen began working at MCF on September 23, 2019.



MCF is eager to add a third new staff member, a Member Services Manager, who will deliver MCF’s programs and events — tune in for a future announcement about this position.