Joint Affinity Groups

MCF members represent a variety of diverse funders with varied funding interests. We believe that the work of grantmakers is strengthened by bringing together the various special interest and affinity groups to allow members with common interests to learn and share together.

MCF is proud to partner with the following local Joint Affinity Groups. For a list of national affinity groups, see the national Council on Foundations website.

MCF is also part of an active network of nonprofit support agencies in Minnesota. Learn more about them on our Nonprofit Allies page.

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy

Minnesota Chapter 
2801 21st Ave. S., Suite 132C
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Contact: Margie Andreason / Nicole Cooper

Minnesota Blacks in Philanthropy

2801 21st Ave. S., Suite 132B
Minneapolis, MN 55407
p 612.816.8576
Contact: David Nicholson

Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP)

414 13th St., Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612
p 415.837.0427; f 415.837.1074
Contact: Enrique Ovando

Native Americans in Philanthropy

2801 21st Ave. S., Suite 132D
Minneapolis, MN 55407
p 612.724.8798; f 612.879.0613
Contact: Sarah Eagle Heart, executive director

Joint Affinity Groups

2801 21st Ave. S., Suite 132D
Minneapolis, MN 55407
p 651.785.6893
Contact: Paul Bachleitner, JAG project director

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy - Minnesota

800 IDS Center, 80 South Eighth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402
p 612.672.8798; f 612.672.3846