Executive Director

Executive Director
Organization Name: 
Normandale Housing Corporation

Normandale Housing Corporation Executive Director

Job Description

For over 20 years, Normandale Housing has been building a connection between families experiencing homelessness and a community striving to listen and act upon a calling to help our neighbors. During this time, we have experienced success, struggled with failure, and learned how to listen to each other to build a foundation for a community that is ready to grow.

We have walked with 75 families since initiating this ministry in 1996–97. A solid majority have improved their ability to develop sustainable living within supportive communities through education, employment, and housing stability. *Please review the included attachment, which includes NHC's 2018 Annual Report for more comprehensive information.

Our vision is to bring more families into our community by increasing the number of families that enter the initial phase of support. In order to do this, we need to increase our financial foundation, build additional partnerships with community organizations, and bring greater focus to our internal organizational coordination.

We are searching for an Executive Director with both program management and development skills to provide the internal capacity to grow our community. That person will work hand-in-hand with our current program staff.

Position Profile:

• Ensure that relationships with residents, donors, volunteers, and the community are handled in a manner consistent with organizational values and mission of NHC.

• Work with the Board to develop appropriate annual and long-term financial objectives, and lead the organization in achievement of those financial goals.

• Secure grants and related funding from government, private organizations and individuals. • Manage the operations of the program, including oversight of staff and properties.

• Work with NHC staff to develop new programming, and evaluate existing programs and practices.

• Demonstrate the ability to relate to persons of diverse ages, backgrounds, skills and abilities.

• Serve as a liaison between the Normandale House Community in the Phillips Neighborhood, the Normandale Lutheran Church Community and other partners committed to the ministry.

• Develop relationships with other churches and organizations with a heart for supporting families experiencing homelessness.

• Part Time: 20 hours/wk


• A desire to help families transition from homelessness.

• A desire to connect communities.

Demonstrated Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures, formulating policy, and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures.

• Skill in budget preparation and fiscal management.

• Knowledge of organizational structure, workflow, and operating procedures, and an ability to endorse and manage organizational change.

• Experience and skill communicating with a Board of Directors.

• Experience working with external stakeholders including community members, partner organizations, and individuals with a commitment to the ministry.

• Excellent communication skills and the ability to inspire the trust and confidence of the organization, public, and client communities.

Leadership Traits

• Passion for building a team environment, and supporting a collaborative work culture across disciplines and office locations.

• Encourages professional development of staff, and supports staff in obtaining and enhancing their skills to perform the organization’s work.

• Conveys a visionary style that brings people together to support the mission.

• Displays the characteristics of integrity, courage, intelligence, creativity, energy, and humor equal to the challenges of this position.

Please send resume and cover letter of interest to: Rebecca Gamble, at rgamble@normluth.org or call 952.977.9353.

Application Deadline: 
Monday, December 16, 2019