Native Nations and Communities 101

Thursday, March 31, 2022 9:00am - 10:30am CDT

Join MCF and WASH-MN (We Are Still Here)* for a rich learning opportunity about Native Nations and communities.

Centuries of U.S. policy and systemic isolation of Native peoples from the mainstream, including in pop culture, education, and media, have led to an inaccurate "narrative about Native culture, history, contemporary life and communities" (Reclaiming Native Truth, June 2018). Decisions that impact or exclude Native peoples are made across all sectors, including philanthropy, by individuals at organizations and institutions who do not have a basic understanding of Native communities.

Attendees will be introduced to high-level topics specific to Native Nations and peoples, including what it means to be a Native Nation, the importance of treaties, basics of tribal citizenship and enrollment, and information on how to engage more effectively with Native communities. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the presentation and Native communities in general.

Attendees will leave with base-level knowledge to help their foundations better understand and support Native communities and resources to continue learning.

Native Ways Federation is a national, Native-led nonprofit focused on activating and expanding informed giving to Native-led nonprofits in Indian Country through donor education and advocacy.


Log-in details will be provided in your confirmation email. This event is open to MCF members and others interested in funding Minnesota's Native organizations. Contact Paul Masiarchin with questions.

*We Are Still Here - Minnesota (WASH-MN) is a project of Native Governance Center that supports a network of people and organizations committed to the Reclaiming Native Truth research and its findings. Task Force members include experts and leaders in Native Governance, K-12 Education, Pop-Culture & Media, and Philanthropy. 

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