Midwest Independent Community Foundations Network Meeting

Tuesday, September 18, 2018
10:00am - 2:00pm CDT
Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce, Tyrol Hills Shopping Center, 224 West Washington Street, Brainerd

The 2017 changes in the federal tax law along with the recent state adjustments to conform to what the fed’s did has created opportunities, uncertainties and challenges for philanthropy and charitable giving.  How are community foundations adapting?  Are you changing your donor services practices to meet changing demands? What additional reforms in federal or state law might help to sustain a strong giving climate? Does it make sense for something like the Endow Minnesota tax credit to continue to be part of such reform efforts? Lots of good, though tough questions for us to chew on.

Of course, we’ll talk about those check-in topics so critical to learning more about each other’s policies and practices. There’ll be some trip planning, too as we coordinate getting together at the forthcoming Growing Community Foundations conference in Wichita October 14 to 16, and make plans for the Community Giving conference in St. Cloud on October 29.  And, speaking of planning, we’ll be talking about what’s in store for the group in 2019.

This program is open to members of the Midwest Independent Community Foundations. The networks promotes the members’ collective productivity and community impact through leadership and peer learning, to identify practices or projects that can be replicated or shared, and to enhance awareness and establish the brand of independent community foundations.  The group includes staff from community foundations that have assets of less than $250 million, maintain an independent operating structure and are not affiliated with another entity, support the Council on Foundations National Standards for Community Foundations, believe in mutual respect and collaboration, and are not competitive in the geographic territory of other members of the group. Visit us on The Hub to join the network.

If you plan to attend via video, after registration email Brianna Kocka.

Lunch will be served at this event. Attendees will be asked to contribute $10 to share the expense for lunch.

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