MCF Member Briefing: Conditions and Issues Impacting Minnesota's Workforce

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 2:00pm - 3:00pm CDT

Join MCF as we learn from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis about intersections between Minnesota’s workforce and issues of childcare, housing and transportation.

During this session, Minneapolis Fed directors will share background and insights on their efforts to gather, track and interpret data from Minnesota’s workers and employers.

Presenters, Erick Garcia Luna and Ron Wirtz, Regional Outreach Directors at the Minneapolis Fed, will share insights based on two areas of study:

  • Currently employed workers including frontline and lower-wage workers
  • Dislocated, underemployed, marginally-attached and unemployed workers

We’ll hear how job seekers are faring in today’s labor market and what challenges they face when looking for and obtaining employment. Among the various insights is a growing understanding about the impact that childcare, housing and transportation hold over workforce stability. MCF members will dig into these three factors and additional disparities around race and geography as we seek to understand implications across the state’s diverse communities.

For additional background, read an article from the Minneapolis Fed describing outreach initiatives to workers as well as minority- and women-owned businesses. This is an MCF members-only briefing. Log-in details will be provided in your confirmation email.


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