How to Practice Anti-Racism in Family Foundations

Thursday, February 11, 2021 10:00am - 11:30am CST

The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota staff invite you to participate in a peer discussion about the opportunities and challenges of leaning into diversity, equity and inclusion work as an all-white staff at a FAMILY Foundation. Phillips staff and participants will be encouraged to share examples of equity practices across the Foundation—in grantmaking and administrative work. We will wrestle with questions about whom we are accountable to, how to demonstrate accountability and its impacts on the work. We will discuss when and how the board engages in DEI work and how to overcome bumps in the road. While themes may be applicable across Foundation types, this session will focus on specific dynamics showing up in family Foundations. The session will include some brief framing and a few specific guiding questions, but the majority of our time will be organic discussion based on the interests of participants.

Host: Kristen Cullen, Member Engagement Manager, Minnesota Council on Foundations

Presenters: E. Coco, Program Director, Economic Ecosystem; Tracy Lamparty, Director of Administration; Joel Luedtke, Program Director, Education; and Patrick Troska, President, Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation of Minnesota

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