The Future of Global Social Equity Investment

Friday, October 13, 2017
11:30am - 1:30pm CDT
McKnight Foundation, 710 S 2nd St #400, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Description: What might an impact investing fund look like if the communities being invested in influenced the terms? If investments didn’t extract resources from the earth and instead upheld human rights, social justice, and wellbeing of people and planet? Or, still better, what if returns were defined beyond financial and social terms, and valued relationships, joy, and a strengthened sense of connection with the natural world and spirit?

Thousand Currents, an international grantmaking organization, decided to answer these questions by co-creating an impact investment fund, called the Buen Vivir Fund.  Join MCF's Global Funders Network for an interactive brown bag lunch conversation with Rajiv Khanna, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships at Thousand Currents, who will share how foundations can design investments that support grassroots economic initiatives to build wealth, community power, and well-being.

This network meeting was planned in partnership between MCF's Global Funders Network and the Minnesota International NGO Network. 

Teleconference participation is available. Please register and the call-in information will be available in the confirmation email. 

About the Speaker:

Rajiv Khanna, Director of Philanthropic Partnerships, Thousand Currents

Rajiv is engaged in strategy development and effective execution of all activities related to the Social Justice Giving goals in Thousand Currents’ Theory of Change, particularly resource mobilization and building a philanthropic community that has forged solidarity-based learning partnerships with grassroots groups in the Global South. He provides overall leadership of the Philanthropic Partnerships Program at Thousand Currents, overseeing donor engagement, the IDEX AcademyLearning and Evaluation, the Buen Vivir Fund, and Diaspora Partnerships. As part of the Senior Management Team, he also informs and guides Thousand Currents’ overall strategy and planning, ensuring collaboration and interconnectedness across all Thousand Currents’ programs. 

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