Design Session: Furthering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Minnesota Philanthropy

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 8:30am - 10:00am CDT
Minnesota Council on Foundations, 800 Washington Ave N, Suite 703, Minneapolis, MN 55401

We are quickly approaching five years of the Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellowship. In light of our commitment to continuous improvement and our strategic future focus, we see an opportunity to reimagine the current program in light of what has worked well, what could work even better, and how the field has changed over the past 5 years.  

Many MCF members are working to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations and care about a diverse talent pipeline for the field in Minnesota. We’re inviting all interested members to join for a design session hosted by MCF’s program and conference committee. In this session, we will ideate around how MCF can continue to foster a diverse talent pipeline for the field and best support retention and equity efforts by our members.   

This session will be facilitated by the talented team behind Imagine | Deliver.

It’s our hope that by following a collaborative process that elevates brilliant perspectives, we can imagine something that continues to transform and expand the spirit of philanthropy in Minnesota. Please join us! This meeting is open to all MCF members. 

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