Erin Jordan

Erin Jordan, Director of Marketing & Communications

About Erin: Erin uses the power of visual communication to explore various artistic mediums with nature being a primary source of creative inspiration. In her spare time, Erin loves to travel and read to explore human evolution through the lens of neuroscience and creativity in addition to spending quality time with her family.

Resume Snippets: Erin has over 15 years experience working with  start-up ventures, educational institutions, corporations, nonprofit and government organizations through a highly strategic lens. Erin focuses on building practical communications infrastructures within business models to achieve strategic plan objectives while gathering data that drives communication(s) toward measurable impact. Prior to joining the MCF team, Erin served as the VP of Communications and Development at the Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON).

Erin holds a B.S. in Graphic Design, M.S. in Education Media Design and Technology and Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership and Development (anticipated completion 2020). Erin utilizes her multi-disciplinary background to “think differently”- recognizing the power of relationships in collaboration as partners in business; to solve problems and shift the minds, actions and narratives of audiences.

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Reach Erin by email at or by phone at 612.465.0716