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Soon-Young Oh
Senior Communications and Media Specialist

Soon-Young Oh was born in South Korea but has spent most of her life in Minnesota. As a senior communications and media specialist at MCF, she is energized by the chance to communicate with members across all the usual channels. She is the editor for MCF's Giving Forum magazine.

Her professional experiences that drew her to MCF’s work include having worked at the Minneapolis Foundation in their communications department, at the YWCA of Minneapolis in their racial justice department, and at the Neighborhood Development Center where she worked closely with entrepreneurs to fulfill their marketing needs.

Soon-Young is passionate about the complex experiences of being raised outside of one’s culture of origin. She has lived in Seoul, Korea and in Guangdong Province, China. She loves being a mother to her extroverted son, enjoys a strong matcha beverage, and always has a list of Korean TV shows she can recommend to anyone that expresses interest.

Soon-Young can be reached by email at or by phone at 612.465.0716.