Collaborations provide a vehicle for MCF members and non-members to take action together. Taking action together could involve pursuing a joint project or initiative, pooling or aligning funding, planning a large convening, developing and advocating for an independent policy agenda at the legislature, etc. Collaborations are likely to be more time-intensive and autonomous from MCF than peer networks and working groups. This is also a catch-all category for groups housed at MCF that do not fit as peer networks or working groups.  Each collaboration has in-person meeting opportunities. MCF currently supports collaborations by serving as a fiscal agent and providing consultant recommendations for additional service needs.

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Get to Know Your Collaborations Lead!

Minnesota Food Funders Network

  • A group of Minnesota-based funders who make informed, coordinated and strategic investments to improve key facets of our food system.
  • Connect on the Hub
  • Contact: Katina Mortensen, MFFN Coordinator