2021 Principles for Grantmakers Actions

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How to Use the Principles for Grantmakers: A Note from MCF Staff

The eight principles defined in this document provide a guidepost for achieving excellence in philanthropic practice. Each member of the Minnesota Council on Foundations subscribes to the Principles for Grantmakers and engages with the principles based on their progress along the developmental framework. Together, MCF members commit to the baseline principles that point toward higher public trust; and each organization aspires to grow over time. This document will be augmented with a second publication, the Practice Options for Grantmakers, coming in 2022. The Practice Options will further define concrete actions and examples for grantmakers to achieve these baseline and aspirational principles.

Philanthropic organizations vary in many ways. Private foundations, public charities, family foundations, corporate giving programs and other organizations make up MCF’s membership. Each organizational type will interact with these principles in unique ways. Each organization’s staff, board, volunteers and donors will arrive at different developmental levels. While the work varies by organization – the goal is universal: building public trust and grantmaking excellence.

We encourage you to reach out to MCF staff to learn how the Principles for Grantmakers can be used to advance your philanthropic work.